Our Coffee Process

Elefin Coffee


Buying direct
from Coffee Farmers

Quality coffee begins with our farmers. In order to support local communities, we only purchase our coffee beans directly from resident farmers in Thailand. The relationship we have with our farmers is closer than most – with regular visits and continuous conversation, our connection with them is strong and unique.

Sourcing only high-quality
Thai Arabica Coffee

We are proud to serve 100% Thai Arabica coffee sourced from the best plantations in Thailand. Our coffee beans are sourced from a village near Chiang Rai in areas of high altitude. Growing coffee at this altitude produces coffee beans that have less acidity and bitterness, creating more nuanced flavors and a smooth desirable taste.



Roasting our Coffee
in Small Batches

You can find us roasting small batches of our beans at home in Bangkok. Learning from the business’ best, we roast our coffee using the Probat machine. Elefin’s Probat Model Roaster allows our coffee to be processed with consistent results. The solid roasting drum is double-walled for heat retention, a special paddle mixer ensures optimal blending, and rapid cooling helps retain our desired aroma and flavor with each roast.

Serving Fresh Coffee

We believe in fresh coffee. That means our coffee is served at its peak flavor within two weeks of its roasting date. By personally roasting our own batches regularly, we can ensure that our coffee is delivered to our talented baristas and ground, brewed, and served fresh in every cup.