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Elefin Coffee

Founded by Khun Somboon Chayavichitsilp in 2006, Elefin came to life as a single café on Sukhumvit Soi 1. In the following years, our cafes have moved and made homes in the Siam Museum and Hansar Bangkok Hotel. This year, on the 10 year anniversary of serving specialty coffee, Elefin proudly opened its most recent establishment near Wat Pho.

As a Thai Brand, Elefin is inspired by the heart and culture of Thailand. For us, this translates into the majestic elephant. The elephant has been a long time symbol of Thailand. The icon was featured on the Thai flag for nearly a century. During the reign of Rama IV, the flag held a white elephant facing the hoist and centered on a red field. In Thai, this is known as Thong Chang Puak, ธงช้างเผือก. Our coffee is also sourced from a region in Thailand known as Elephant Mountain – or as the locals say, Doi Chang.

Our mission

At Elefin, our mission is simple. We strive to share our passion for Thai-grown coffee with locals and beyond. With our coffee process, we pay respect to all the hands that take part in producing a single cup and share this handcrafted experience every day.

For the last ten years, Elefin has consistently been sourcing, roasting and serving the highest quality Thai Arabica coffee beans. We believe in exclusive specialty coffee that is lovingly cared for at each stage of our coffee process from farm to cup.

Elefin Coffee

Thai farmers

How and when did farmers start to grow coffee in Thailand?

With the Royal Project and Doi Tung Project, his Majesty the King of Thailand initiated the development of coffee production in 1969 as an opium replacement program. By locally harvesting and farming coffee beans, opium was reduced significantly. This program is still widely considered one of the most successful examples of opium replacement policies and is used as a model for other countries around the world.

We buy our coffee direct, supporting hill tribe farmers from various backgrounds including the Akha and Lisu tribes. We value buying our beans directly by ensuring farmers receive the highest compensation for each harvest.

Elefin Coffee
Elefin Coffee

How does Elefin find its coffee farmers?

Our journey to find coffee farmers began more than 15 years ago. We visited, tasted, and sourced several coffee farmers and vendors in search of the finest specialty coffee. Our long and thoughtful research led us to select working with only the best coffee plantations in Thailand.

Having strong relationships with our farmers establishes the foundation for better coffee. We meet with the farmers in person, visit with their families, and hear their individual stories. Because of this, we can truly say that our coffee process is farm to cup. Our long term vision has been fulfilled with the ability to deliver high quality coffee using an economic model that is a mutual success for all those involved.





Seattle-based Coffee Visionary Ed Leebrick has shared his expertise in coffee for the past thirty years. Internationally known and recognized as one of the best coffee roasters in the world, his focus is in sourcing excellent beans and working with coffee farmers.“We get to know each bean’s unique qualities, testing, roasting and blending to highlight each varietals fruit, acidity, nuttiness or spicy complexity, much the way a winemaker approaches blending fine wine.”

Elefin is proud to work with Ed Leebrick for fifteen years running. He has assisted Elefin in the development of our business in testing, roasting, and blending the highest-quality Thai Arabica coffee beans.






Khun Yutthapong Visessmith completed his studies in Ceramic Arts at Silpakorn University in Bangkok. Since graduating in 2014, Visessmith has brought his passion for ceramics to Elefin through his expression of independent ideas and designs. His latest ceramic arts collection was displayed at Siam Discovery Center. Currently, he crafts unique and customized projects  in collaboration with us.